ITV’s “Loose Women” have tackled the issue of sex injuries recently.

The panel got to grips with this thorny and delicate issue with their usual aplomb.

Janet Street-Porter and Coleen Nolan discussed their own sex related injuries in water bed, bathrooms and carpet related incidents. Cut and paste the link here

Whilst the video segment was broached with humour –  it did raise some interesting issues with this most difficult of topics.


Sex injuries – Young & Old

First of all it is of interest is that sex injuries are not the domain of the young and athletic. This is reflected in our line of work.  Whilst A&E departments may treat younger people the figures show that the older generation are not too far behind.

Most notably, there is a clear increase in men over 50 seeking medical attention. Notably they suffer with injuries including fractured bones and penile fractures.  Whilst the discussion focussed on bedroom antics and mishaps rather than legal claims, they reflect a growing topic.

People in post-menopausal phases of their lives do not let age get in the way of their sex life. Sales to people in their forties and over are more common. Middle age is being lived to the full.

No matter what age you are you can be affected.

Sex Toy recordings

Recent news reports of a sex toy recorded users, unbeknown to them, whilst using the device. See the article here (see It is not clear whether this recording was sent elsewhere or whether there was any data protection breach.

This shows that the standards applied by manufacturers and distributors of sex toys are not as stringent as they can be.  Those who may have been recorded have every right to feel that they have been violated by this act. It appears that there was a lack of safety and checks in making this product.

Sex Toy – Regulation

The adult toy, sexual aid and lubricant industry is a large and growing market in the UK. Some estimates place market value in the region of £250 million annually. It is crucial that the sex toy market is well monitored and policed as with any other market.

So what can be done?

In order to ensure proper scrutiny we need to change our mind set and bypass some of our British reticence and stiff upper lip.  It is important that faulty products and injuries become known and are not hidden. For this reason the Loose Women have done everyone a service with this real and growing problem.

Where makers of these products fall short then they should be brought to account!

As solicitors we know sexual injuries are not the preserve or one particular gender, age group or sexual orientation.  Such injuries investigated by our firm  include injuries from adult sex toys as well as sex aids and lubricants which have been faulty.

The Damage

The types of injury caused can be very serious. These can include internal tearing, cuts or abrasions, severe bleeding and electrocution. In addition there can be skin reactions to chemicals or surgical procedures to remove foreign objects.

Even minor physical incidents can be upsetting and affect future sexual activity.

More serious damage can cause fertility issues and perforated internal organs such as the bowel.  These can be life changing and need to be pursued. The need for compensation where something has gone wrong is the same as other injuries.

The Law

With any claim for a defective product causing injury, it is important that the item is properly used. This means in accordance with the manufacturer guidelines and for the purpose for which it was intended. Evidence that medical attention was sought in relation to the injuries is required.

How we can help

We have professional expertise in Product Liability claims. We are one of the UK’s leading experts in dealing with defective medical and other product claims.As a result we have the skills you need if the worse should happen.

Having a lawyer with experience is important when you have a claim. If you have suffered as a result of using a faulty or unsafe product then you might be entitled to make a compensation claim.

We understand that injuries of a sexual nature can be difficult to discuss. We don’t take them lightly. Your rights to compensation are a serious matter. You need serious lawyers in your corner.

So whatever your age, gender or sexual preference we are here to help. We are here to deal with your claim in a confidential, level headed, non-judgmental and professional manner. Leave your details on our contact sheet and we contact you at a time and date that suits you for FREE no obligation advice. See our main page for details