Silicosis claim win for former coal miner will help thousands suffering in silence

Corries Solicitors Ltd have won a silicosis claim with five figure compensation for an 81 year old former coal miner stricken with chest disease.

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Silicosis claim- the case facts

Our firm was approached By Mr D. He had been suffering ill health with different medical conditions. As a result and as he struggled more every day with his breathing his doctors thought he should be checked out.

Importantly, he had worked in the coal mining industry as a sixteen year old up to until his late forties. After much investigation his doctors suspected he had silicosis.

Having seen Corries tell of other silicosis wins he got in touch.

Silicosis claim- what we did – Part 1

Our team got to grip with the two important aspects of the case.

The first aspect was showing what dust and fumes he had been exposed to. A detailed statement about his work was taken. First of all we found he had worked in various pits. He had worked shot firing and then with machine tunnelling with Dosco’s and other machines.

On the whole his exposure to dusts was hefty and it was of no surprise to us.

We carefully checked his works records and the areas he had worked. A detailed and lengthy statement was taken. Due to our team having great experience of coal mining we knew that if anyone had a claim – then Mr D did.

Silicosis claim- Part 2 – stacking up medically

Our team knew coal mine dust cases brought against the National Coal Board/British Coal are defended robustly. Consequently we carefully checked out this man’s medical records. We noticed his other health conditions but believed that the damage due to the dust must be having an impact.

Our team sourced an expert with a long history of dealing with miner’s chest claims. He saw Mr D and gave him a thorough medical.

A report was provided. The expert confirmed that Mr D was disabled by his silicosis and that is was due to his work.

Vindicated in our belief the case was put to the Coal Board claims team.

Silicosis – a fight and then a win

The case and the extensive evidence was put to the defendants. They got their own medical expert who disputed the amount of disability but agreed this man had silicosis.

Negotiations were started and a five figure sum has been secured. Mr D is delighted with his win.

Silicosis – case comment

Corries Solicitor Howard Bonnett who won the case made these comments:-

“This case is an important reminder to anyone who has worked down a mine to check their chest health. I am sure there are thousands like Mr D who have silicosis and are suffering in silence. Many are suffering a miserable end to life without proper justice.

My team will be working with any miners we can speak to and hope that they do not get forgotten. I invite any ex miners with silicosis to call my firm before it is too late”

if you have worked down the mine or know someone who has who has been diagnosed with silicosis then call us FREE. We are happy to have a no obligation chat. Our team are here to help – call us now on 0800 083 7839.

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