Six figure asbestos claim settled in four months for cancer victim

A 70-year-old man has received six-figure asbestos cancer compensation in less than four months after instructing York’s leading asbestos claim solicitors.

Read below about how our firm used our specialist knowledge and expertise to secure a six-figure settlement in rapid time.

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The case facts

We were approached by Mr P in August 2019.  He been informed by his friends that Corries were specialist asbestos disease solicitors. We had helped those friends secure compensation.

Mr P had recently been diagnosed with asbestos cancer mesothelioma.

He had been exposed to asbestos from 1966 when serving an apprenticeship at Shepherds Woodwork. The company changed it’s name over the years to Portakabin.

Our firm has extensive experience of dealing with cases of asbestos from this group of companies. We have learned about the asbestos used in their production processes. Our team have built up a bank of witnesses from the site who have helped us in the past.

We pride ourselves on working quickly for victims. This can be seen in various news items on our website such as this

Time is of the essence

Mesothelioma cases always receive priority. At Corries we are aware it is important to resolve matters for cancer patients as quickly as we can. We appreciate the need to move the case on as quickly as possible. 

We know about the defendant, it’s insurers and how to put the case to them.  As a result we used this knowledge to get witness evidence from the Claimant and old workmates. In addition we used our expertise to instruct a professor in asbestos medicine to visit the client at his home.

We worked quickly to make enquires so we could properly put Mr P’s case on a strong footing. Because of this we could set out all the evidence needed to the insurers.

The Defendants reply

After putting a comprehensive letter and documents to the insurers there followed a short period of discussion and correspondence. Consequently we were able to agree a suitable offer within a few weeks of sending that letter.

The offer was accepted less than four months after the first contact between the client and our firm.

Since that time the client had been provided with his monies. He is using this money to help and prepare his family for his demise.

Case comment

Corries solicitor Charlie Bradley who handled the case commented

To receive a diagnosis of mesothelioma is extremely shocking.  I am always impressed by how bravely people deal with this diagnosis.

I know the importance of making sure my client has his case in safe hands.  This is a company whom I have sued on several occasions before I was able to use my network of witnesses and experts and colleagues. We made sure that we could fast-track this case as quickly as possible.

I am extremely pleased to have got Mr P’s case settled so quickly. He has got his settlement. With this he can make informed decisions about what he is going to do. Whilst money does not solve everything it has given him great peace of mind

Corries Team Work

Our team approach means that our client’s asbestos case is usually on a team members desk. It is seldom not being handled or being progressed by somebody.

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