Six figure compensation for asbestos cancer settled in four months

Corries Solicitors specialist asbestos team have secured six figure compensation for an asbestos cancer mesothelioma victim and secured treatment costs for the future.

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Asbestos cancer – the background

In this case there was a rather unfortunate history. We were approached by Mr P whose father had died due to mesothelioma six years earlier. He had worked as part of a maintenance team at a large pharmaceutical firm. By sad coincidence his late father’s friend (who was his father in law) was diagnosed with the same asbestos cancer mesothelioma. We shall him Mr F.

He knew that Corries had done a great job of securing compensation for this father.

Contact was made and we spoke to Mr F.

The benefit of our archive

We found the previous file. In that case we were helped enormously by a number of previous old work colleagues who gave clear evidence of exposure to asbestos.

We cleared things with Mr P’s widow. Then we contacted these witnesses again and with near identical exposure to asbestos we could use that evidence to get this claim over the threshold.

The next steps

We gathered the medical records and secured a respiratory expert view and also got an oncologist to help us establish what treatment could be open to Mr F. Our team worked with his family and we got the documents we needed to help value the claim.

With all the necessary information we put the case to the defendants. In a matter of a few weeks we had settled the case. Not only has Mr F got his settlement monies now but in addition we have an agreed order to fund future treatment – at whatever cost that incurs.

There can be huge benefits in using local witnesses in case as can be seen in a similar case our team won here

Asbestos cancer – comment

Corries solicitor Howard Bonnett who won the case commented:-

This was a sad case affecting a close family so explicitly. To have experience of two people with this terrible cancer must be awful. Thankfully we had a network of witnesses and for once an insurer who knew the number was up.

The story is not told for my client right now. I will work with him to make sure he gets the treatment he needs when he needs it. That part is so important and provides some comfort for him and his family at this difficult time.

After 32 years working in compensation claims I still see and invest all I have into making the claim process as stress free as we can. My team push all our cases. Sadly cases like Mr F’s are the exception. For many we have a long hard fight for compensation.

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