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Asbestos cancer scheme numbers show asbestos curse is far from over

asbestos scheme numbers

Updated numbers for an asbestos cancer scheme show that asbestos cancer deaths remain high. Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme (DMPS) The DMPS was set up in April 2014 in response to pressure from charities and lobbyists to get compensation for asbestos cancer (mesothelioma) victims. The scheme was set up to help those who could not otherwise…

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Persistence pays for asbestos pleural thickening claim

asbestos pleural thickening found

Persistence has paid for an asbestos pleural thickening victim who has suffered for many years. Corries are leading specialist asbestos compensation solicitors.  Our dedicated legal team will work with you to get compensated you deserve.  Call us now on (0800) 083 7839 or click on a link here to see if we can help you…

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Asbestos cancer – keep it in the family

An asbestos cancer claim victory for a man who worked for his family firm may help others in the future. Corries are specialist asbestos disease lawyers.  Our team have first rate experience in winning asbestos claims.  Contact our specialist team now for a FREE no obligation discussion on 0800 083 7839 Asbestos cancer claim –…

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Asbestos cancer six figure win for former pleural plaque victim

An asbestos cancer claim (mesothelioma) has been won by Corries specialist claims team. The case, for a man who had pleural plaques for over 13 years has been hard fought but won this week. Corries are experienced asbestos lawyers. We fight hard for every asbestos victim. Call us FREE on 0800 083 7839 to see…

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Asbestos cancer claims – are insurers getting the message?

Asbestos cancer and other disease claims may be getting easier following recent case law. Here we comment on how the insurance industry appears to be getting the message and are settling claims. Corries are Asbestos claims specialist solicitors.  Our team of lawyers are ready to help you if you have been diagnosed with asbestos disease.…

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Asbestos cancer scheme claim – settled in 3 months

An asbestos cancer scheme case has been settled in less than three months from the first telephone call. Corries are asbestos claim specialists.  Our team has extensive experience in dealing with asbestos disease claims.  Call us FREE on 0800 083 7839 to see if we can help you. Here is our report about this quick settlement.…

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Bringing your claim in time – Why is 3 years so important?

Claim time limits are important. Read our helpful review of a recent decision where someone lost out for not acting fast enough. Can we help you? You must have seen adverts by Solicitors asking if you have had an accident in the last three years. Have you ever thought – why three years – and…

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Asbestos Cancer judgment may help thousands in the future

Asbestos cancer claim specialists Corries highlight a recent case which may help asbestos cancer victims in the future. The case of Heynike v Birlec Limited (1) Mod(2) and Special Metals Wiggin Limited 2018 will make a real change to cases where someone was exposed to asbestos as a contractor on another employers site. Call the Experts…

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Asbestos landmark decision – time’s up for defendants?

Asbestos victims can be boosted after a Court of Appeal decision handed down yesterday. Earlier this week we reported on the case of MARKES claim and it’s impact  here The Court of Appeal judgment has opened the way for asbestos cancer victims to make claims previously denied. Asbestos claim (1) – Hawkes In the case of…

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Asbestos cancer loss may help others win compensation

Asbestos cancer victims may have a future pathway to compensation currently denied to them.We have reported before that asbestos mesothelioma victims are finding it increasingly tough to make claims. However a recent case, combined with an upcoming Court of Appeal case, may pave the way for easier cases in the future. Asbestos cancer – this…

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