A nasty work accident causing a burn injury needed swift action to get a good result for a young man scarred for life.

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Read how we won compensation for a young man scalded by hot water water at work and how we might be able to help you.

Work accident burn claim – the facts

Our Client Mr R was a young student working part time along side his studies at a local food bar. He was working next to a young work mate making lemonade. This process involved boiling water and sugar. The system of work in a confined area meant the hot urn full of boiling water was left on a ledge.

The urn was not properly secured and fell over onto Mr R. He suffered hot water burns to his legs and foot.

Thankfully he got urgent attention and was taken to the nearby hospital

What happened next?

He was treated at hospital where his wounds were treated and dressed. He was given creams and had follow up appointments. The initial wounds were very sore and he needed pain killers.

Over a course of months the wounds have recovered very well. There is very little scarring left.

Work accident burn claim – the law

Mr R was not keen to claim at first. He felt a sense of loyalty to his employer. However he had suffered pain and was worried about his legs and feet and if he could work in the future.

We explained that

  1. His employer has a duty of care to make sure his work was done in a safe manner.
  2. The system of work fell short was was a breach of that duty and;
  3. There had been obvious damage due to that breach

Because of these factors Corries told Mr R he had a clear and winnable claim. In addition Mr R was keen to make sure others did not suffer like he had.

The Client knew Corries had won cases before as can be seen from our news page here https://www.corries.co.uk/work-accident-claim-for-twice-unlucky-injury-victim/

What did we do?

We gathered evidence together and put it to his insurers.Neither they nor the company responded for some months. Our team checked if others had been injured and took a full statement from Mr R as though we might have to go to court.

In addition we checked with his witnesses if they were willing to help him. They were reluctant for fear of upsetting their employer but agreed to help if needed.

We made sure Mr kept a good and clear diary of events and appointments and to keep a log of his out of pocket expenses.

A claim was lodged through the Employers Liability Portal. A lawyer chased the claim repeatedly. Our team told the client and the employer we were ready to issue court proceedings as we were so confident about the case.

Remarkable recovery

Mr R took photographs at the time of his injury and provided more as his injuries healed. He was very fortunate as the quick treatment meant there was only a very mild change to the skin noticeable after a few months. He was very lucky indeed.

Work accident burn claim – settling up

We put the evidence to the defendants and with the threat of court proceedings in the air. As a result they agreed settlement at the figure we offered.

Mr R has got his money and has learned much from this episode


Corries Solicitor Howard Bonnett who won Mr R’s case commented

Workplace injuries are still too common. Therefore employers working with younger people in particular need to make sure they have good systems in place and that obvious hazards are avoided. I understand there are to be changes so hopefully no one else is injured in a similar fashion.

Mr R was a lucky man and has suffered only short term injuries and no long term damage.

A few handy hints came out of the case which others might find helpful

  1. Make sure the accident is reported
  2. Take photographs of the injuries as soon as you can and keep a diary of such photographs and appointments
  3. Make sure any witness names and numbers are confirmed and try and encourage them to help you – there is strength in numbers
  4. Use a lawyer with workplace claim experience

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