Corries asbestos national campaign continues

January 19, 2020
Howard Bonnett

Corries national campaign for asbestos victims aims to help thousands missing out on vital compensation

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Asbestos cancer council worker family get six figure settlement after death

January 17, 2020
asbestos council claim

Asbestos cancer claim win for council worker

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Naval dockyard worker asbestosis claim protects his future

January 13, 2020

Corries Asbestos claims team have secured five figure provisional compensation settlement for a former naval worker after a long battle with his previous employers. Corries are robust asbestos claims specialists. No one works harder to get asbestos victims the compensation they deserve. Call us now FREE on 0800 083 7839. Asbestosis – The case background…

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Six figure asbestos claim settled in four months for cancer victim

January 10, 2020
asbestos cancer claim

Asbestos Cancer claim settled in less than four months

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Teesside claim win for 87 year old asbestos victim

November 18, 2019
Maria McMurray won compensaiotn for an 87 year old man

Corries’s asbestos claims team have secured five figure damages for an 87-year-old man with asbestosis. Asbestos has no sell by date. Read here about how even the eldest amongst us are not free of the curse of asbestos. Corries are leading asbestos claims specialists. No one works harder to get you the compensation you deserve.…

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Asbestos disease – latest figures show asbestos timebomb is here to stay

November 7, 2019
Asbestos Register

Latest asbestos statistics show no let up in the asbestos timebomb affecting thousands of people and their families every year Read here about the latest findings and why our asbestos team is fighting for asbestos victims and their families. In particular read how more women are being affected by asbestos disease. Our friendly team are…

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‘They were like leeches on the backs of hard-working people’

November 4, 2019

Richard Ault; The Sentinal, Stoke-on-Trent; Monday November 4, 2019 Ex-miners ‘duped’ into pension transfers Former miners could be in line for thousands of pounds in compensation after being exploited by ‘leeches’ who convinced them to transfer cash from their pensions into less valuable schemes. Corries Solicitors says many North Staffordshire colliery workers were duped into…

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Once,twice and three times for a lady asbestos cancer victim

October 28, 2019
third time lucky for asbestos claim

Corries asbestos compensation team have won six figure damages for a female asbestos cancer victim who had her case turned down by well known asbestos lawyers and a barrister. Corries are leading asbestos claims lawyers. No one works harder to get you the compensation you deserve. Read about how we took on and won a…

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Mineworker from Wallyford

September 19, 2019

Mr W from Wallyford in East Lothian transferred his pension fund of £4,571 in 1990 from the Mineworkers Pension Scheme to Phoenix Life. The pension provider in the end accepted that they he had been badly advised and paid compensation of £55,215.

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Hull Asbestos cancer victims get quick government compensation

September 4, 2019
asbestos cancer

Two asbestos cancer victims from Hull have received swift compensation with Corries help using an asbestos Government scheme. Read about how Corries got quick six figure compensation for two former electricians struck down with mesothelioma. Corries asbestos team work hard to get the compensation you deserve. Call us FREE on 0800 083 7839 to see…

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