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End of life Supreme Court Decision- how does this affect you if you are ill?

end of life care should be clearer

A Supreme Court decision means that legal permission is no longer needed to withdraw treatment from patients in a permanent vegetative state. Thousands affected by life changing conditions can now have food and liquids withdrawn to avoid prolonging their suffering. Here we set out what the judgment says and how it will affect victims and…

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Medical devices – is it time for a proper register?

Medical devices are helping many of us live longer and enjoy a better quality life as we get older.  This has led to a growth in the use of medically implantable products such as hip replacements, knee replacements, vaginal mesh and other products.  It is anticipated that by 2024 the global market for implantable medical devices…

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Prostate Cancer – don’t leave it too late

Prostate cancers are being found  late in 4 out of 10 cases a recent study has found. . Corries Solicitors are specialists in medical negligence claims.  Our team of dedicated professionals can help you if your cancer has been missed.  Call us FREE on 0800 655 6550. Read this article with helpful information about prostate…

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Anti depression medication- what is the right thing to do?

There have been some articles lately about anti depression drugs. Further articles about mistakes in prescribing drugs and errors in 1 on 5 makes even more grim reading. In this article we look at the studies and the practical things you can do for you or others suffering. Statistics Use of antidepressants is on the…

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NHS mistakes- will greater transparency get us to the truth?

NHS mistakes are often reported in the press and on television. We look at recent changes which may mean a more transparent approach to finding out if your loved ones have had poor treatment. NHS hospitals and medical staff are there to help us all in our hour of need.  The majority of the time…

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Female medical pain – are your doctors doing enough?

Female medical pain is a serious matter. Doctors taking reports of  medical pain symptoms less seriously in women than in men has recently been in the media. An article by the Daily Mail click here reports on a worrying trend that female patients are taken less seriously than men.  Reports of failing to take notice or…

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Bereavement damages – change means fairer compensation for thousands

Bereavement awards following the death of an unmarried partner will be made in the future following a Court of Appeal decision recently. A change in the law will affect thousands each year. Bereavement Award-The Case Miss Jakki Smith, an NHS worker took the government to court for breaching her human rights as she was denied…

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Essure Implant Advice – have you been affected?

Essure Implant advice if you have been affected by this product. Essure is a form of permanent female birth control akin to sterilisation. It has been used in the UK since 2009.  The product was suspended from UK use in August 2017 due to concerns about performance. Essure – The Background It is thought that…

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