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Example of Cases

Example 1 - £48,000

Mr F, a former miner from Doncaster, was made redundant in the 1980’s.He was advised by an agent of Sun Life to transfer his Mineworkers Pension Scheme to them. He was promised he would get a much better return which wasn’t the case. We submitted a formal complaint; Sun Life agreed to award Mr F a lump sum of £48,333.34

Example 2 - £110,000

Mr D, a former miner from Barnsley, was made redundant in the late 1980s. After the pits closed he was encouraged by an agent of the Prudential to transfer his Mineworkers Pension Scheme to them. We were able to show that this wasbad advice. The Prudential eventually accepted this and agreed settlement of £110,000.

Example 3 - £67,000

Mr A from SOUTH HIENDLEY was advised in 1990 to transfer £8000 from his mineworkers pension to Norwich Union. He was advised by an independent financial advisers Goodare Owen & Co who are no longer in business . We traced there insurer who took responsibility for the bad advice and paid compensation of £67,000.

Example 4 - £100,359

Mr P of BARNSLEY was advised in 1989 by an agent of Abbey life to transfer £9300 from his mineworkers pension. He was wrongly advised and Abbey Life paid compensation of £100,359.

Example 5 - £49,000

Mr H of HEMINGFIELD was advised in 1990 by an agent of the Prudential to transfer £1900 from the mineworkers pension scheme to them . The Prudential accepted this was poor advice and paid compensation of £49000.

Example 6 - £135,000
Mr J of GREAT HOUGHTON was advised in 1991 by an agent of Sun Life to transfer £25k from his mineworkers pension scheme to them . We were able to show this was bad advice and obtained compensation of £135,000.

Example 7 – £48,000

Mr S of ROYSTON transferred £8500 in 1990 to Scottish Equitable on the advice of an financial advisers , Wentworth Life & Pensions. Even though the IFA was no longer in business, we were able to put in a claim and won compensation of £48000.

Transferred Out Of Work Pension

In the late 1980's and early 1990's, many workers were wrongly advised to transfer from a guaranteed final salary work pension into a private personal pension with an insurance company. As a result of this people found that they have been much worse off compared to their former workmates who stayed with the company scheme. Their original pension was ‘gold plated’ and had a lot of benefits that the private pension could never hope to match.


Notably, a lot of mineworkers and steelworkers were advised to transfer from their respective work pension schemes in the late 1980's after being made redundant, however, this equally applies to a great many other occupations where there was a work-based pension scheme.

This has been blamed on a change in the law by the government in the 1980′s which stopped employers from making their Occupational Pension plans compulsory for all employees. This opened the way for the newly introduced personal pensions.

Helped by carefully orchestrated sale drives, personal pensions sold well and the financial services industry enjoyed a huge boom. Some described this as a feeding frenzy. It gradually became clear that people who had changed from their occupational pensions into personal pensions were much worse off as they lost out on employers’ contributions, paid higher charges and had a lack of flexibility.

The Pension Industry and it's regulators carried out an industry-wide pension review in the late 1990s and many received compensation as a result, usually by either being reinstated into their original occupational scheme or receiving redress or compensation. If this applies to you then you will already have been compensated and we will be unable to assist you in recovering any further compensation.

However, for many workers, their pensions for one reason or another were not reviewed and they did not receive compensation. As a result, they have suffered average losses of £60,000.

Did you transfer your pension to any of the following pension providers?

  • Pearl Insurance, Britannic, Phoenix Life
  • Scottish Amicable, Prudential
  • Sun Life Financial of Canada
  • Royal London, Scottish Life, Co-Operative Insurance
  • Lloyds, TSB, Scottish Widows
  • Standard Life
  • Friends Life, Norwich Union, Aviva
  • ReAssure, Windsor Life
  • Scottish Equitable, AEGON
  • Abbey Life
  • Wesleyan
  • Allied Dunbar/Zurich

If you were advised by an agent of any of these companies or other companies, please call us.

Were you advised by an Independent Financial Adviser?

In many cases, IFAs are no longer in business. Even if they are not in business we should still be able to claim if we can establish the relevant insurer at the time. Please call us if you were advised to transfer by an Independent financial advisor.

Were you advised by any of the following IFAs?

  • Harry Hewitt
  • Bradford & Bingley
  • Northern Rock
  • Independent Financial Advice (UK) Ltd
  • Alliance Insurance Brokers
  • South Riding Insurance Services
  • Brian Wright & Associates
  • Bain Hogg Financial Services
  • Bain Clarkson Financial Services
  • Woodwards IFA
  • Sharman Associates
  • Roy Pink & Co
  • Berkeley Independent Advisers
  • Individual Savings and Insurance Services (ISIS) Ltd
  • Allied Anglo Financial Services
  • Hadley Cannon Ltd
  • Paul Childs (Worksop) Ltd

There are many hundreds of IFAs involved, these are just a few of them. Please call us if you were advised by an IFA to leave your final salary work pension.

Many public sector workers had great pensions and should never have been advised to transfer out:

  • Mine workers
  • Steelworkers
  • Shipbuilding
  • Dockers
  • Teachers
  • Railways
  • Civil Service
  • Armed Forces
  • Electricity Boards or Gas Board
  • Local Government

Many private sector employees also had good pensions and should never have been advised to transfer out:

  • Engineering
  • Petrochemicals
  • Brewing
  • Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Printing

Our team of pension specialists are here to help you with your claim.

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